Company Profile

G. VAN CUYCK INSURANCE CONSULTANTS CC FSP#12925 is an authorised financial service provider which can and does provide a highly professional, innovative and efficient service to the insurance buyer be it commercial or personal, across the broad spectrum of client needs and requirements.


We believe the attraction of dealing with us as opposed to other service providers is the fact that we are an independent broker which can operate freely in the market, being able to obtain the right products at the right price, whilst still having the hugely important ability to have that personal relationship with our clients.

Company Structure

The company employs twelve staff: four in claims, two in personal underwriting, two in commercial underwriting, one in general admin, two in management and our receptionist. Collectively the total experience combined of the company easily exceeds 100 years.


Guy van Cuyck

Guy has owned and been running his own Brokerage for the past 30 years and has an excellent track record, and is highly thought of in the insurance field. The brokerage was initially started by his father in 1964. Guy began his career with the Shield Insurance Company (later Allianz Insurance Company). He became Branch Manager of the East London branch. In 1977 he left them to take over the broking house when his father retired.