We are really sorry to hear your news. To help us get you back up and running as quickly as possible, please follow these steps below. Please note that the process differs slightly depending on whether your claim is a personal or business one.



Contact us immediately.

Call us as soon as possible after the loss or incident has occurred. In the event of a criminally-related claim, it’s vital that you contact the police and get a case number from them.


Alert us of any urgent repairs required.

Let us know if there is a breach in security or any damage that needs to be repaired immediately as a result of the loss. This is a critical step in the recovery and settlement process.


Complete the claim form.

We’ll send you a claim form for you to complete or you can download them here. If you get stuck at any point, just give us a shout, our claims agents are only too happy to help.


Collect replacement quotes.

Please collect replacement quotes for the items that have been damaged, lost or stolen and send them on to us. Depending on the type of the loss, an assessor may come and see you in person.

Let's help you!

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